Video: Format your tables in Google Sheets using Table Styles add-on

Make a statement with your Google Sheets tables using the updated Table Styles add-on! 50+ supplied styles, the ability to edit each or create your own style templates. Set font, colors, borders & other formatting, apply styles by parts – even the tailor-made tables won't be left behind.

Video transcript: Table Styles for Google Sheets

Table Styles add-on makes your data in Google Sheets look clear and professional.

Use existing style templates

Once you get the tool, you can use more than 50 supplied styles for your tables right away. They are also grouped for your convenience:
All styles are divided into 6 main groups + custom.

Create your own table styles

If you'd rather format the table in your own way, you can add a custom style. Simply click Create new style, change the default name as needed, and start making your template.

Select table elements before applying the style

These checkboxes make your style flexible by letting you specify what table elements you have. Like this table has no special left column, so there's no need for it in this style:
Adjust table elements for each style.

Set fonts, colors, borders, alignment, wrapping, etc.

You can set any basic formatting for each part of your table or for the entire table at once. Let's select a font for the whole table and set fill colors of individual elements. You can also add borders of any style & color to any side of your table parts, as well as tweak the alignment and wrapping as needed:
Tweak formatting for each table part.
Click Save to see this template listed under your custom styles. Of course, you are free to continue editing or delete your custom styles completely.

Apply the style

To apply the style, select your table and hit the Style button.

Apply styles by parts

If you click this filter icon, you'll be able to ignore some particular style elements from the selected template. For example, you can borrow only font, colors and borders from this style for your table:
Apply only parts of the style.
Try Table Styles for Google Sheets to make your tables uniform in one click.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment or contact us directly, we'll be happy to help.

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